Compared with patients not taking antiepileptic drugs, accounting data of pregnancy in monotherapy andriol show an increase in the likelihood of low birth weight (less than 2500 g). One of the registers pregnancies showed an increase in the relative number of babies aborted for their gestational age among infants exposed to topiramate in utero. Long-term effects are not defined. The reason for reducing the body weight clenbuterol uk has not been established at birth.

During therapy with topiramate woman saved childbearing potential must use reliable methods of contraception.

The use during pregnancy in women with uncontrolled epilepsy is justified only in cases where the potential benefits of the drug to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus.The use of topiramate for migraine prophylaxis is contraindicated during pregnancy and in women with childbearing potential stored not using reliable methods sertraline reviews uk of contraception.

In the treatment and counseling of women with childbearing potential, the attending physician must weigh the risk and benefit ratio of treatment and consider alternative treatment options. If Topamax ® is used during pregnancy, or if the patient becomes pregnant while taking this drug, it should be warned about the potential risk to the fetus.

A limited number of observations of patients suggests that topiramate is excreted in breast milk in women, so the doctor has to take tamoxifen men a decision on the refusal from breastfeeding or stopping treatment.

In the study in animals found no effect of topiramate on fertility. The effect of topiramate against fertility in humans is not installed.


In renal and liver failure, nefrourolitiaze (including past and family history), hypercalciuria.

Dosing and Administration

Inside, regardless of meals. it is recommended to start treatment with low-dose formulation followed by a gradual titration to an effective dose to achieve optimal control of epileptic seizures in children and adults.

The capsules are designed for patients who have difficulty swallowing tablets (for example, children and elderly patients).

Should be carefully opened, mix the contents of the capsules with a small amount (about 1 teaspoon) of a soft food. This mixture should be swallowed immediately without chewing. Do not store the medication, mixed with the food until the next reception.

Capsules andriol can be swallowed whole.

The partial or generalized tonic-clonic seizures and the seizures on the background of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome

Use in combination with other anticonvulsants in adult patients

The minimum effective dose is 200 mg per day. Typically, the total daily dosage is from 200 mg to 400 mg, and is received in two steps. Some patients may need to increase the daily dose to the maximum – 1600 mg. It is recommended to begin treatment with a low dose with a gradual selection of effective dose. Dose selection starts with 25 – 50 mg, taking them at night for 1 week. Subsequently, at weekly or biweekly intervals can be increased at a dose of 25-50 mg and take it into two steps. In the selection of dose nandrolone cycle should be guided by clinical effect. In some patients, the effect can be achieved by andriol taking the drug one time per day. To achieve the optimal effect of treatment with is not necessarily monitor its concentration in plasma.

The recommendations on the dose applied to all adult patients, including the elderly, in the absence of their kidney disease).